Mungerie House

From the beginning of the hallway to the front door, Mungerie House is structurally the top floor of ‘Hambledon House’ which was a two storey homestead that once stood somewhere off Windsor Road.

Hambledon House was demolished in the 1870's and the top floor was salvaged, put onto logs and pulled by bullock wagon across Windsor Road and placed down on a foundation made up of sandstone rocks. This is where Mungerie stands today.

Mungerie was a typical Australian homestead with a verandah on three sides and a lean to verandah at the back. It was a lathe and plaster built house with timber weatherboard walls and an iron roof. Originally just four rooms coming off a central hallway with a detached kitchen out the back which now forms The Local Shed Rouse Hill.

So come and join us at our restaurant to enjoy the history of Rouse Hill.